***ONLY for consultants, coaches, advisors, agencies and experts who sell their high-ticket offer through sales appointments, with ads, doing at least $15k per month and are looking to scale ***

Finally, Discover How My Clients Generate Way More Qualified Sales Appointments (up to 42 day) with Prospects Begging To Work With Them, While Slashing Their Ad Costs By 52%, Using A Simple (but little known) 1-Step "Fast Track" Process that can be set up in as little as 48hrs - Guaranteed! 

Best of all, it works in any niche, DESPITE any algorithm changes (iOS) & market conditions AND all WITHOUT webinars, long VSL's, lead magnets, daily social media posting, FB groups, content creation, or any of that "other stuff" they say you need.

And if you don’t get more sales appointments at less cost - YOU DON’T PAY & I’ll cut you a $5k check!  

Watch this 6 minute video below for how this offer works...

I have ✅ Watched the video ✅ Want a system to predictably generate qualified sales appointments ✅ Have a business that is beyond start-up phase and am actually making sales and ✅ I want to know how this guaranteed system can work for me...

On this call we will review your business, see how this system can work for you, offer you some advice on how to use it, and then discuss (if we know we can help you) how we can help you implement it - GUARANTEED

Edward, went from $150 average cost per call to $25 and an average ROAS of 3,375% from 299.62%

The Limitless Leads Fast Track System

Once you deploy this simple system, you'll get limitless qualified sales appointments on your calendar.


One properly crafted landing page is all you need! (no optins or multi-part confusing funnels )

Only ONE 6 minute(ish) Video

No more long webinars or VSL's that deter your ideal prospects away. One simple short video (structured the right away) is all you need!

This simple 1-step process allows you to attract only your best prospects (not those tyre kickers or stallers) at blistering speed. And you can have it up in as soon as 48hrs!

Stacy, went from 0 (zero) appointments to 13 on her first day of launching the system.

More Results From Clients Using The System...

On this call we will review your business, see how this system can work for you, offer you some advice on how to use it, and then discuss (if we know we can help you) how we can help you implement it - GUARANTEED

What industry leaders are saying...

Todd Herman

Author, The Alter Ego Effect

"How many people would you trust with your credit card to spend $10,000+ per day to get you customers and make you money? I trust Nicholas because he's made me hundreds of thousands, if not millions."

Ryan Deiss

Founder, CEO - Digital Marketer

"Nic is the total package when it comes to FB Ads. He's an industry leader at both campaign structuring and writing great ads that convert. Lots of experts are good at one, but few can master both.

Brian Moran

Founder of SamCart

“Unlike most “marketers”… Nic is in the trenches, day in, day out.  He walks the walk. If you’re looking for the biggest lever to pull in your business, this guy is it.”

About Nicholas Kusmich

Nicholas Kusmich is considered one of the world’s leading digital advertising strategists and help businesses who sell high-ticket, high-value offers scale their revenue through proven client acquisition systems. He has been in the industry since 2009, has helped 1000's of clients/customers internationally and is responsible for over $600,000,000 in collective sales using his systems. He works with both A-List client and small business owners and is on the speed dial for many of the industry's leading experts for marketing help. He is so confident in his systems that he always backs them with a better than money back guarantee. 

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