The Perfect FB Ad Template 2.0 (& Swipe)

My proprietary 10-phase Ad Formula that has generated billions of clicks, tens of millions of leads, and hundreds of millions of dollars, so you too never have to worry about how to craft a highly converting, ROI-producing Ad. 

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Molly Galbraith

Founder - Girls Gone Strong

"We were having some success with FB Ads, but implementing Nic's free Facebook Ads Template, we absolutely crushed it during our next launch and got 26,000+ leads, at very low costs, in a matter of a couple of weeks.
This template was a game changer."

In This FREE Template, I'll Show You...

Essential Elements
The 10 essential elements needed in every FB Ad that causes the highest CTR's and Conversions while pre-framing your prospect to want even before they see.
Top Image Hacks
The right types of images to use in order to grab the most attention (without being douchy) and increase engagement.
The Stellar Strategy
The most underutilized piece of Ad real estate that MOST marketers are ignoring which is actually harming and reducing your CTR's.
Swipe Examples
I even show you actual ad samples that are being used that follow the template so you too can simply swipe and deploy. 

...So You Can Achieve Results Like These Using This Same Exact Template

92,209 Leads in 12 Days 

$3,228,259.39 in 27 Days


Hi, I'm Nicholas Kusmich

One of world's leading Facebook Ads Strategists and I help high-growth businesses scale using Facebook Advertising. 

The Perfect Ad Template (part of my 8 phase Contextual Congruence Strategy) has been responsible for generating close to a billions clicks, over 12,436,279 leads and tens of millions of dollars in revenue. 

Without it, you will waste your time staring at a blank white screen guessing how to create your next ad and then wondering if that ad will convert. 

With it, you eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money on an ad and get even better results from your ad campaigns. Use and enjoy! 

What INDUSTRY LEADERS Have To Say About Nic

Todd Herman

Author, The Alter Ego Effect

“"How many people would you trust with your credit card to spend $10,000+ per day to get you customers and make you money? I trust Nicholas because he's made

me hundreds of thousands, if not millions."

Ryan Deiss

Founder, CEO - Digital Marketer

"Nic is the total package when it comes to FB Ads. He's an industry leader at both campaign structuring and writing great ads that convert. Lots of experts are good at one, but few can master both.

Brian Moran

Founder of SamCart

“Unlike most “marketers”… Nic is in the trenches, day in, day out. 

He walks the walk. If you’re looking for the biggest lever to pull in your business, this guy is it.”


High Converting Ads Are Only A Click Away...

Now you never have to worry about how to create a high-converting, ROI-producing Ad. 

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